Constitution and Rules

(Last amended at the AGM January 2016)

Full Membership

(1) The Club shall be called the Wantage Camera Club (WCC)

(2) Membership of the Club implies the undertaking to comply with and abide by these rules.

(3) The annual subscription shall be as agreed at the Annual General Meeting.

(4) The officers of the Club shall consist of a President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary and Programme Secretary to be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

(5) The affairs of the club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of the officers and three members or more to be decided at the Annual General Meeting and elected annually.

(6) All officers and Committee members are eligible for re-election each year, with the exception of the President, who shall not be eligible to serve more than five years consecutively and the Chairman, who shall not be eligible to serve more than two years consecutively.

(7) Special meetings may be convened on a requisition, signed by at least five ordinary members, stating the object and sent to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the date proposed.

(8) At Committee meetings, five shall form a quorum.

(9) The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and conduct the correspondence of the Club. The Treasurer shall collect all subscriptions and monies due after authorisation of the Committee. At the close of each Club year, a balance sheet shall be drawn up by the Treasurer and audited by two ordinary members appointed for this purpose at the Annual General Meeting.

(10) A member may be expelled or asked to resign from the Club at the decision of the Committee. The Committee can request a member to appear before it, provided that where any accusation or charge is made, the member shall be given full and reasonable opportunity to put forward a defence and bring witnesses at a later meeting. Any member expelled or asked to resign shall have the right of appeal to a Special General Meeting called for the purpose. All Committee proceedings and those of any Special General Meeting called under this rule shall be treated as privileged and confidential.

(11) No alteration of or addition to these rules shall be made, except at the Annual General Meeting or a Special Meeting called in accordance with rule 7.

(12) All trophies presented annually within the Club must be returned to the Competition Secretary fourteen days prior to the date of re-presentation.

(13) In the event of the Club being wound up at a Special General Meeting, all monies and equipment held by the Club at that time shall be given to the ‘Disabled Photographers’ Society’ (Registered Charity Number 262866)

(14) All electrical equipment, including that brought on to the premises by members or visiting speakers, must be connected to the mains supply through a ‘Residual Current Detector’ protected power lead. Members or visitors who bring equipment on to the premises will remain entirely responsible for the safe running of that equipment.

(15) ‘Special Interest Groups’ may be formed within the Club Membership to pursue a particular aspect of photography. These groups will be self financing, observe the Rules of the Club and be covered by the Club Insurance.

Junior Membership

(1) Anyone within the age range of 12 up to 18 years who wishes to take part in WCC activities must become a Junior Member.

(2) The subscription rate for a Junior Member will be 25% of the Full Membership.

(3) Junior Members may be excluded from certain evenings if it is considered that inappropriate material may be on view. However, the final responsibility rests with the parent/guardian/carer.

(4) Junior members must be accompanied at all times, they are present at a WCC activity. This person must be a parent/guardian/carer and must become an Associate (Junior) Member of WCC; paying the same rate of 25%, unless they already have a Full Membership in WCC.

(5) WCC maintains the authority to terminate the membership of any class of member.