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What is Audio Visual (AV)?

In general terms AV is a sequence of photographs with an accompanying soundtrack. In the past, this was achieved by linking two slide projectors together so that as the image from one of them faded out, the second projector faded in. A tape deck provided the soundtrack, and also controlled the rate at which the projectors operated.  The production of an AV was long and laborious.
However, technology has moved on.  The slide projectors have been replaced by a single digital projector, and inexpensive software enables AV’s to be easily constructed using images from a digital camera in a fraction of the time. However, the result is the same – a continuous series of images with each one blending into the next.

Most members use Pictures to Exe as their software of choice, and this allows a smooth blending of images, video and audio into a seamless AV sequence.

The group now meets on the second Wednesday of the month, at the Village Hall, Main Street, Grove.  However, please check our programme as there are a couple of exceptions.
We are a small, friendly group, and cover all aspects of AV production, from producing a sequence of holiday pictures to International competition sequences. Membership is open to all members of Wantage Camera Club, with a nominal annual subscription.



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