PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit in Audio Visual

Wantage Camera Club were delighted to host this event for the PAGB for the second successive year.  With club members acting as stewards, tea makers, projectionist, and hosts, the weekend was very successful for the club and we were repeatedly thanked by the organisation for the support we gave.
The PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit in AV are awarded at Credit (CPAGB), Distinction (DCPAGB) and Master (MPAGB) level, and the event ran over 2 days.  Applicants came from as far afield as Falkirk in Scotland, Exmouth in Devon and Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire.  The sequences were viewed by five judges, and whilst skills in producing an AV were assessed, there was also emphasis on ‘photographic merit’ – a quality which many submissions were lacking and subsequently failed to win the award.  There were 14 applications for CPAGB, of which 8 were successful.  Of the 5 applications for DPAGB, sadly none were successful.  The judges and the audience were disappointed with some of the offerings for this award, and the Chairman of the judges, Robert Albright, felt that the requirements of good photography and few mistakes in sound and production as a step up from the CPAGB award were not met.  He recommended that applicants should seek advice from other AV workers, join an AV group, or attend AV festivals etc.  There was also an issue with poor quality third party images.  In contrast to the DPAGB, the one application for the MPAGB award made the disappointment of the Distinction award almost forgotten.  We were treated to 5 sequences of amazing quality, crafted with considerable skill which excited the audience enormously.  Sheila Haycox, of Exmouth Camera club became only the sixth person to be given the Masters award.  The awards  to the successful applicants were presented by the President of the PAGB Roy Thomas.
Winners of the CPAGB Award 2016 pictured with PAGB President Roy Thomas  include
Peter Rose, Mary Trumble, Mike Edwards,Sue Wirkworth, Greg Duncan, Alan Tyrer,
Andrew Pickass, and Geoffrey Longstaff

Sheila Haycox received her MPAGB from Roy Thomas


If you are interested in producing AVs, Wantage Camera Club runs a specialist AV group, meeting on the second Friday of each month. Click here for details.